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Where many see randomness and separation, Alan sees patterns and connection. He puts things together in ways that make the complex understandable and the seemingly unattainable doable. For Alan, problems are merely opportunities for a better life. He loves to help you successfully navigate the uncertainty of life by maximizing your ability to create exactly what you want.

Alan believes in love as the vehicle for positive change. But love is not some abstract thing; it is a practice you can engage in every day. He teaches a practical approach to loving that emphasizes using your mind in service to your heart. He helps you step back from your life so you can accept, maybe even laugh, at your human failings, and realize that you don’t need to prove your self-worth, because you are always already valuable.

You’re not going to get bored in a session or workshop with Alan. You’ll always come away with a new way to think about something, and a better way to be in your life. When he runs into former clients they often tell him about a way of thinking or behaving he suggested years ago that they still use to improve their lives.

So if you want to improve your life, maximize your capabilities to be more effective and have more love in your life, check out how Alan’s innovative and effective approach can make your life better and more fun.

Alan Konell, M.S.W is a Certified Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has been a clinical instructor at the University of North Carolina Medical School. In addition to leading credentialing programs in NLP, he has offered seminars in strategic psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, relationships, emotional healing and personal transformation. Known for his ability to create accessible solutions for seemingly complex issues, he makes the difficult simple while turning limitations into possibilities. Alan’s engaging and entertaining style makes learning easy and fun. He is the author of Partnership Tools: Transforming the Way We Live Together and is currently completing his second book, If You Don’t Like It, Love It: The Self-Love Cure for Healing Physical and Emotional Pain. His “Maximum Test Performance” program has dramatically helped many students improve their test scores in class exams, standardized tests and professional boards.

Relationship Coach | North Carolina Relationship Help | Life Coach | Life Coach Help NC

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