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Moving Through Emotions with Grace and Ease

Traditionally, we’ve dealt with our emotions by questioning their validity. We’ve operated as if some emotions were okay to feel and some were not… Those that were okay to feel, our valid emotions, were those we had good enough reasons to feel. When we question the validity of our emotions, we’re diminishing the value of our emotional experience and making our emotions subordinate to our thinking,,,In order to no longer be a victim of circumstance you need to understand that all your emotions are valid merely because you feel them.

Emotionally Managing Hard Times

With all the bad economic news most of us have been feeling incredibly stressed out lately. The fiscal cliff looming. Even if you still have your job, it is likely that your savings have taken a big hit. Our retirement plans have been run through the shredder and for many of us our job security is now hanging by a thread. Despite the drop in gas prices we feel strapped and the holidays are here…

An Antidote to Worry

Nobody likes to worry. Usually people think that whether they should worry depends on what is going on in their lives.. Every day … I would like you to take a few minutes to practice being grateful. It doesn’t matter whether you think of something big or small, as long as your grateful feeling is pure and brings a smile to your lips….

Why Worrying Doesn’t Work

Worry is the invitation to the universe to provide what you are worried about. Like attracts like and worry attracts more things to worry about. The simple, but not easy, alternative is to imagine what you want and be grateful in advance for getting it. Imagining what you want and being grateful for it


My work also encourages people to adopt certain beliefs, certain ways of thinking, about how disease occurs and how healing can be facilitated. I realized that these beliefs were an integral factor in the positive results people achieved. Some of these beliefs are: that the development of disease is multi-causal; that the human body/mind is much more fluid than we imagined; and that what causes a disease, what maintains a disease and what prevents healing are not necessarily the same.
The source of our human manifestation is energy. We are energy taking form through physical, mental and emotional channels. And energy can change form. Something that is physical can become mental/emotional and something that is mental/emotional can become physical.
The best way to heal any disease, regardless of what channel(s) through which it manifests, is to engage in healing activity through all your human channels of expression.