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Moving Through Emotions with Grace and Ease

Traditionally, we’ve dealt with our emotions by questioning their validity. We’ve operated as if some emotions were okay to feel and some were not… Those that were okay to feel, our valid emotions, were those we had good enough reasons to feel. When we question the validity of our emotions, we’re diminishing the value of our emotional experience and making our emotions subordinate to our thinking,,,In order to no longer be a victim of circumstance you need to understand that all your emotions are valid merely because you feel them.

Emotionally Managing Hard Times

With all the bad economic news most of us have been feeling incredibly stressed out lately. The fiscal cliff looming. Even if you still have your job, it is likely that your savings have taken a big hit. Our retirement plans have been run through the shredder and for many of us our job security is now hanging by a thread. Despite the drop in gas prices we feel strapped and the holidays are here…

Every Barking Dog is an Opportunity to Practice

I am very blessed to be able to live in a wonderful wooded setting so near a great town like Chapel Hill. As I was walking the two dogs that live next door would bark at me as I neared their house and keep barking for most of my circuit of about 1/5 mile…I noticed that I was feeling really tense and agitated by their barking…So I decided to change my thinking about it…Tonglen is a compassionate practice of taking on the suffering of someone who is hurting whom you wish to help…

Being Ruthless about Life when Bad Things Happen

Recently, I’ve had a number of clients and friends go through what most would consider personal hardships or even tragedies. Whether losing a job or a loved one or being diagnosed with a serious illness, these are things that we are rarely prepared to deal with. And you can’t really prepare for them when things occur with little or no warning.

When someone we know is going through a difficult time, it’s hard to know what to do or say. Our impulse is to try to make it better, but that is not the best direction to take,…

Feeling Good While People are Suffering in Japan

Hundreds of thousands of people are suffering in the wake of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. Many have lost their homes and loved ones and might also be vulnerable to exposure from radiation. My heart goes out to these people, but still I am able to enjoy my life. Does my feeling good mean that I don’t really care about these people? Does compassion mean I have to suffer along with others’ suffering. Am I shallow to watch all that basketball, but not do anything directly to aid those who are suffering in Japan?