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When the Unexpected Happens

No big deal, but when he told me… I noticed that I felt a slight feeling of annoyance. I wondered what was going on for me … it occurred to me that whenever anything unexpected happens I feel more or less annoyed by it. Not a big revelation, but I thought that I had learned to go with the flow better than that, especially about little things… and realizing that I was wasting a lot of energy feeling bad, I decided to examine it more closely… it dawned on me that my “problem” only existed in so much as I identified with my body/mind.

Go with the Flow and the Ebb

I’ve been in private practice for more than 30 years. Throughout this time my business has ebbed and flowed…My greatest challenge has been to appreciate what is occurring at any particular time. I can be out of sync with my life no matter what is happening. When things are slow I worry about money. When I’m busy I ”kvetch” (Jewish complaining)…Maybe I need to accept that life is always working and give up the need to always understand exactly how. It seems that I always find myself back to this place where the best strategy is to let go and trust that everything is always working out, and that it always will; even when I’m caught in the insane delusion that there is something wrong…I invite you to figure out where you get caught in not accepting what is…