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What is NLP?

Often when I tell people that I’m teaching NLP Practitioner Training again they ask me, “What is NLP?” And telling them that NLP is short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming usually only makes things worse…In the NLP Practitioner Training we will be teaching the most effective models developed for facilitating change, communicating effectively to get the responses you want, changing the way you think that will lead to behaving and feeling the way that you want to, and much more

Two Year Olds are Too Young for Weapons of Mass Destruction

It dawned on me that when it comes to technology we are like two year olds.

Those of you who have children remember that wonderful time. We call it the “terrible twos” because that’s when they get to have tantrums about what we’re not letting them do. These tantrums are often because a two year old is more advanced physically than she is mentally and emotionally. A two year old might be able to climb onto the kitchen counter to get a knife, but she doesn’t have the ability to know how to use it safely without hurting herself and others. So we have to take it away from her and she has a tantrum because she can’t quite yet get that it’s more unsafe than fun.
When it comes to technology, we’re very much like two year olds…

Why I Care About Charlie Sheen

Why do we pay so much attention when celebrities self-destruct in public? … Maybe we need others to fail so that we can feel good about ourselves. Maybe we’re jealous of his success and feel good to see him knocked down. …Perhaps, it’s just shadenfreude, getting pleasure from the misfortune of others. Even when I find my attention drawn to a drama like Charlie Sheen’s I don’t spend a lot of time there. My choice when I notice that my less enlightened aspects have reared their ugly heads is to use it as an opportunity to practice compassion and learn something about myself…the other practice that comes less easily to me is realizing that whenever I have judgment about someone else it says something about me…

Go with the Flow and the Ebb

I’ve been in private practice for more than 30 years. Throughout this time my business has ebbed and flowed…My greatest challenge has been to appreciate what is occurring at any particular time. I can be out of sync with my life no matter what is happening. When things are slow I worry about money. When I’m busy I ”kvetch” (Jewish complaining)…Maybe I need to accept that life is always working and give up the need to always understand exactly how. It seems that I always find myself back to this place where the best strategy is to let go and trust that everything is always working out, and that it always will; even when I’m caught in the insane delusion that there is something wrong…I invite you to figure out where you get caught in not accepting what is…

Want to get things done — stop making resolutions

The New Year is upon us and, if you’re anything like me, you’re working hard to get back into the swing of things, a challenging task in the face of cold weather, short days and too much indulgence over the holidays. This is the time when we think about what we want to accomplish in […]