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Every Barking Dog is an Opportunity to Practice

I am very blessed to be able to live in a wonderful wooded setting so near a great town like Chapel Hill. As I was walking the two dogs that live next door would bark at me as I neared their house and keep barking for most of my circuit of about 1/5 mile…I noticed that I was feeling really tense and agitated by their barking…So I decided to change my thinking about it…Tonglen is a compassionate practice of taking on the suffering of someone who is hurting whom you wish to help…

Practicing Living Well

The best way to approach living is to treat it as a practice. Improving your life requires practicing what you believe will accomplish that. If you want to be more accepting of what happens, you must practice that.  If you want to be more patient, then practice being patient.  Your first challenge is to figure […]