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The one practice that will improve any relationship.

In my first book, Partnership Tools, I discussed in great detail why making requests needs to replace complaining in healthy relationships. Requests focus on what we want instead of what we don’t want, they are solution oriented, focus on the future instead of the past, and, if done well, address behavior, not personality. Many clients […]

What is NLP?

Often when I tell people that I’m teaching NLP Practitioner Training again they ask me, “What is NLP?” And telling them that NLP is short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming usually only makes things worse…In the NLP Practitioner Training we will be teaching the most effective models developed for facilitating change, communicating effectively to get the responses you want, changing the way you think that will lead to behaving and feeling the way that you want to, and much more

Measuring the True Wealth In Our Lives

– From an article originally written in 2009 I’ve just spent another day trying to not watch the stock market go down again. For months I’ve been hearing bad economic report after bad economic report and witnessed my savings and retirement erode in a steady decline. I’ve been stuck in an orgy of wishing and […]