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Deciding Without Judging

Recently, I’ve had a falling out with a member of my family of origin, the result being that we are no longer in contact with each other. I’ve gone through a lot of emotions about this and I have reached a place where now I want to just be okay with it. It’s been very challenging to get my mind around this. I’ve found it very difficult to let go of my expectations of how families should be with each other… At this point I found it helpful for me to run through an exercise. This was to think about how it was possible to understand how my relative could reasonably arrive at their position. Without giving you the details I was able to figure out how this position was a “reasonable decision” given temperament and experience, just as my position is “reasonable” for me given my temperament and subjective experience. My sense of this may or may not be accurate, but it helped me to develop compassion for my relative, who was making choices I don’t prefer but that were gradually becoming ones I can live with. Finally, I’d like to share some insights I realized through this process that you might find useful…

The Depression Myth

Depression is not a disease, it is an active process that depends on our participation.