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Please read these terms and conditions of use carefully before using this site.

By using this site, you signify your assent to these terms of use (the “Terms of Use”). If you do not agree to all of these Terms of Use, do not use this site! The content on this site is provided by Alan Konnell and his associates.

AlanKonell.com may revise and update these Terms of Use at any time. Your continued usage of this Site will mean you accept those changes. As used herein, the term “Site” refers to AlanKonell.com.

Use of Content
This Site Does Not Provide Medical Advice
Limitation on Liability of AlanKonell.com
User Submissions
Customer Service
DMCA Notice
The Online Communities

Use of Content

This Site and any and all content on or available throughout the Site, including without limitation, text, graphics, images, software, audio, video, information, data materials, products, and services (collectively, “Content”) is owned by AlanKonell.com, its licensors or content providers.

AlanKonell.com authorizes you to republish the material under the following guidelines:

(Use same text as in Privacy Policy)

This Site Does Not Provide Medical Advice

Certain pages of this Site relate to the topic of health. The Content of these pages, and all pages of the Site, are for informational purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this Site. If you think you may have a medical emergency, seek appropriate help such as calling your doctor or 911 immediately. AlanKonell.com does not recommend or endorse any specific tests, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on the Site unless stated specifically. Reliance on any information provided by AlanKonell.com,  or others appearing on the Site or other visitors to the Site is solely at your own risk.

The Site may contain health or medically-related materials that you find sexually explicit or otherwise offensive.

Use this information as intended. AlanKonell.com, accepts no responsibility for such materials. You are solely responsible for compliance with the laws applicable to your country of residence.

Limitation on Liability of AlanKonell.com

When using the Site, information will be transmitted using a medium that is beyond the control and jurisdiction of AlanKonell.com. Accordingly, AlanKonell.com assumes no liability for or relating to the delay, failure, interruption or corruption of any data or other information transmitted in connection with use of this Site.

This Site and the Content are provided on an “AS IS” basis. ALANKONELL.COM AND ITS AFFILIATES, LICENSORS AND SUPPLIERS, TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, STATUTORY OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, TITLE, NON-INFRINGEMENT OF THIRD PARTIES’ RIGHTS, AND FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE. ALANKONELL.COM, ITS AFFILIATES, LICENSORS AND SUPPLIERS ALSO MAKE NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES AS TO WHETHER THE INFORMATION ACCESSIBLE VIA THIS SITE, OR ANY WEB SITE WITH WHICH IT IS LINKED, IS ACCURATE, COMPLETE, OR CURRENT. It is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy and completeness of all information, opinions and other material on this Site or any Web site with which it is linked. Price information and promotions are subject to change without notice. Without limiting the foregoing, AlanKonell.com and its affiliates, licensors and suppliers make no representations or warranties about the following:

  1. The software, text, graphics, links, or communications provided on or through the use of this Site or related material from AlanKonell.com.
  2. The satisfaction of any government regulations requiring disclosure of information on any products (e.g. prescription drugs) with regard to the Content contained on this Site.

In no event shall AlanKonell.com, its affiliates, licensors, suppliers, or any third parties mentioned on this Site be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, incidental and consequential damages, personal injury/wrongful death, lost profits, or damages resulting from lost data or business interruption) resulting from the use or inability to use the Site or the Content, or damage to your computer system due to viruses or other defects, whether based on warranty, contract, tort or any other legal theory, whether or not AlanKonell.com is advised of the possibility of such damages. AlanKonell.com is not liable for any personal injury, including death, caused by your use or misuse of the Site, Content or Communities (as defined below) or for any other breach by you of these Terms of Use.

Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of certain warranties or the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages. Accordingly, some of the above limitations may not apply to you.

User Submissions

By voluntarily submitting information, communications, or content (including photos, videos, personal stories, anecdotes and jokes) (each, a “Submitted Item”) to this Site and/or Blogs , you agree that such submissions are non-confidential for all purposes and you grant AlanKonell.com and its affiliates  an irrevocable, nonexclusive, perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free, fully sublicensable, right and license to use, display, publicly perform, modify, reproduce, publish, distribute, modify, adapt, make derivative works of, sublicense and otherwise commercially and non-commercially exploit your Submitted Items and all copyright, trade secret, trademark or other intellectual property rights therein, in any manner or medium now existing or hereafter developed (including but not limited to print, film or electronic storage devices), without compensation of any kind to you or any third party, subject to such other terms and conditions as AlanKonell.com may specify for particular submissions. The submission of any Submitted Item in no way creates any obligation or duty on the part of AlanKonell.com to post or use such Submitted Item or, if we do so, to give you credit. Medical information that you submit in the process of registering with this Site will be kept confidential.

DMCA Notice

You agree that you will not upload or transmit any communications or content of any type that infringe or violate any rights of any party. It is the policy of AlanKonell.com not to permit materials known by AlanKonell.com to be infringing to remain on the Site. You should notify AlanKonell.com promptly if you believe any materials on the Site, including advertisements, or materials available on or through links, frames, indexes and directories linked to this Site, infringe a third party copyright. Upon AlanKonell.com’s receipt of a proper notice of claimed infringement under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (the “DMCA”), AlanKonell.com will respond expeditiously to remove, or disable access to, the material claimed to be infringing and will follow the procedures specified in the DMCA to resolve the claim between the notifying party and the alleged infringer who provided the content at issue.

It is the policy of AlanKonell.com to terminate its contractual relationships regarding content with third parties who repeatedly infringe the copyrights of others.

The Online Communities

AlanKonell.com is happy to introduce within the Site various online communities, such as bulletin boards, blogs, comments, ratings, events or other public forums (collectively, the “Communities”). The Communities are a service intended to provide you with forums for the free-flowing exchange of information and opinions. With your help, the Communities can be an informative experience for all. AlanKonell.com encourages your participation but asks you to remember that you are responsible for the content of messages you post. AlanKonell.com does not and cannot review every message posted (but reserves the right to do so).

Please read carefully the policies below, which are in addition to, and not in place of, the Terms of Use. If you cannot comply with these policies and the Terms of Use, please do not use the Communities. As a member of the Communities provided by AlanKonell.com, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. You are 13 years or older to participate.
  1. You agree to respect the opinions and feelings of others.
  2. The information you submit to the Communities shall not be deemed confidential, and shall be publicly available to third parties. You agree not to reveal any private information, including but not limited to health, financial and personally identifiable information, if you do not wish this information to be published. Furthermore, you agree not to reveal the health or other private information of third parties without their knowledge and consent.
  3. Content available through the Communities is provided “AS IS,” and you are solely responsible for your reliance on and use of such content. AlanKonnel.com is not responsible for the consequences of any communications made through the Communities. In cases where you feel threatened or believe someone else is in danger, you should take appropriate action such as contacting your local law enforcement agency immediately. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.
  4. You agree not to upload to or distribute or otherwise publish through the Communities any content that is libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, slanderous, threatening, harassing, hateful, abusive, embarrassing to any other person or entity, or that is otherwise inappropriate.
  5. You agree not to use the Communities for any purpose in violation of local, state, national, or international laws or regulations.
  6. You agree not to upload to or distribute or otherwise publish through the Communities any content that violates or infringes the copyright, trademark, or any other personal or proprietary rights of any third party.
  7. The Communities may be used only for non-commercial purposes. You agree not to, without the express approval of AlanKonell.com, distribute or otherwise publish any material containing any solicitation of funds, advertising or solicitation for goods or services.
  8. You shall remain solely responsible for the content of messages you post. AlanKonell.com does not and cannot review every message posted in the Communities, and is not responsible for the content of these messages.
  9. All messages, information or other materials submitted to the Communities are non-confidential for all purposes at the time they are posted. Such messages, information or other materials posted to the Communities are subject to use by AlanKonell.com and its licensees in any medium (now in existence or hereafter developed), for any purpose, in perpetuity without further notice or any compensation of any kind to you or any third party. The submission of such materials in no way creates any obligation or duty on the part of AlanKonell.com to post or use such materials, or to give you any credit.
  10. Your participation in the Communities is solely at your own risk. In addition to your obligations under the Indemnity section of these Terms of Use, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless AlanKonell.com, its affiliates, licensors and suppliers, and the directors, officers, employees, agents, licensees, representatives and independent contractors of the foregoing from any and all claims, liabilities, costs, damages or losses they may incur (including, without limitation, attorney’s fees) arising out of a violation or alleged violation by you of these policies or arising from content posted by you in the Communities. You agree to cooperate as fully as reasonably required in the defense of any such claim.
  11. You agree not to post chain letters or pyramid schemes; impersonate another person or allow another person or entity to use your identification for posting or viewing comments; distribute viruses or other harmful computer code; harvest or otherwise collect information about others (including email addresses) without their consent; or post the same note more than once or “spam.”
  12. You agree not to disrupt the normal flow of dialogue, or post comments that are not related to the topic being discussed (unless it is clear the discussion is free form), or otherwise engage in any other conduct that restricts or inhibits any other person from using or enjoying the Communities or the Site, or which, in the judgment of AlanKonell.com, exposes AlanKonell.com or any of its affiliates, licensors, licensees, customers or suppliers to any liability or detriment of any type.
  13. If you become aware of a violation of these policies, please notify AlanKonnel.com by sending a detailed email message via the contact form on this website. If you are writing to report a copyright infringement, please follow the procedure set forth in the section entitled “DMCA Notice” in these Terms of Use.

AlanKonell.com reserves the right (but is not obligated) to do any or all of the following:

  1. Record the dialogue submitted through the Communities.
  2. Investigate an allegation that a communication(s) do(es) not conform to these policies and/or the Terms of Use and determine in its sole discretion to remove or request the removal of the communication(s).
  3. Delete, move or edit communications that are determined, in the sole discretion of AlanKonell.com, to be abusive, defamatory, obscene, in violation of copyright or trademark laws, otherwise illegal, disruptive, or otherwise unacceptable for any reason.
  4. Terminate a user’s access to any or all of the Communities and/or this Site upon any breach of these policies and/or the Terms of Use.
  5. Monitor, edit or disclose any communication posted in the Communities.
  6. Edit or delete any communication(s) posted in the Communities or anywhere on this Site, regardless of whether such communication(s) violate these standards.

AlanKonell.com reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary to protect the personal safety of our guests or the public. AlanKonell.com has no liability or responsibility to users of this Site or the Communities or any other person or entity for performance or nonperformance of the aforementioned activities.


If any provision of these Terms of Use is found to be invalid by any court having competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use, which shall remain in full force and effect. No waiver of any of these Terms of Use shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or condition or any other term or condition. The following provisions survive the expiration or termination of these Terms of Use for any reason whatsoever: Limitation on Liability, User Submissions, The Online Communities, Indemnity, General, Jurisdiction, and Complete Agreement.


AlanKonell.com is based in North Carolin, in the United States of America. AlanKonell.com makes no claim that the Content is appropriate or may be downloaded outside of the United States. Access to and contact or input to the Content may not be legal by certain persons or in certain countries. If you access the Site from outside the United States, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for compliance with the laws of your jurisdiction.

Thank you for your cooperation. We hope you find this Site helpful and convenient to use. If you have questions or comments regarding this Site, please go to our Contact Page and send a detailed submission.

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